Welcome to my studio.

My blog usually has been starting off with something like, ‘It’s been awhile since I last posted’. And this one is not an exception.

This time though, I have an intention to build something more meaningful for myself. It doesn’t mean I cared less for what I wrote before, but I didn’t really plan to share my process and thoughts. Some details of me, my work, and my life.

Jaguar Gaze

I guess I am good at writing. My major was Journalism. I like writing. I just tend to avoid writing about myself. Mainly I was not sure if anybody would be interested in reading about me. So my blog was I just a place to post my art and I didn’t write much more.

You know what I have realized? It doesn’t matter! It doesn’t matter whether my life is interesting to others or not. I would like to write whatever I want to and make this blog space more personal and self-reflective. Something more special to myself so that I would adore reading it through in the future. It would be wonderful if anybody gets inspired by my art or writing and even comes back for more again and again.

It’s pretty exciting to think of my blog and my newly opened store as a tiny cozy studio for myself. My own place! I have been selling my art prints on sites run by others, but I always wanted to have my own shop with better quality paper. Now I opened my store and feel excited from the fact that I have full control. Having control of things! I can do whatever I want in a way I want, and it has so much potential to expand. Saying this to myself has already started giving me a sense of protection and coziness.

Desert Mandala

I have been feeling that life is all about mastering self-care. You need to be good at self-care. Mentally and physically. Balancing them is the key to success and happiness. Treating yourself nicely means everything I do should be done with care. I would like my blog to be one of those things I do with care. And I think it would be much easier to care for others once I can take care of myself. Isn’t that what mindfulness is all about?

I would like to write more about my work and life next time. Thanks for reading!

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