Newsletter March 2023

Hello. Hello, hello!

Yes, time has passed. A long time. It’s hard for me to scrape time for writing. It’s already challenging to make time for art, so priority goes to drawing and workouts whenever I find time. I FINALLY realized that I can create tiny bits of time here and there to keep some memos from some of my activities and publish that bundle regularly. So, here’s some glorious highlights of my recent activities.

New work update

Ramen Mandala is a work I did while I suffered from acid reflux disease (GERD) during the holidays last year. I was planning on starting this piece, and then I coincidentally developed GERD that forced me onto a strict diet. If you feel an obscure sense of obsession from the piece, it’s because I drew ramen when I couldn’t have any.

Work in progress

Sketch image of Dog Mandala

I started sketching for a dog mandala. It’s a world of dogs and their freedom and fun. By the way, what do you think about putting clothes on your dogs? I noticed that most dogs on the street wear clothes nowadays. At least in here in Tokyo. Hey…what do you think your dogs feel? Seriously, is that me who’s weird to think that way? Dogs don’t want wear clothes over their fur, do they? You don’t do that to cats, but why is it ok for dogs? Total mystery to me.

I have many ideas for mandalas and other themes. How do other artists with kids manage time? My GERD may have something to do with the fact that I got COVID, but I work too much in general to the point that my body is completely exhausted. I learned so much about my body and mental health from being sick this time.


Essay book by 102 year-old Japanese woman

Speaking of health…

While I was recovering from my health issue, I read an essay book by 102 year old woman who lives alone in a village in Japan. I have been looking for role models for aging. What’s interesting to me was the fact that a 102 year old person has insecurities and fears just like us. What makes her so admired by many people is probably the way she handles those difficult feelings and navigates her daily life independently. She knows the importance of being responsible for her own feelings and knowing how to take care of herself. Her daily workout is to go up and down the slope in front of her house, make her own bed, make her own meals, and get out to work in her garden. She wrote that it helps to know her own condition continuing those activities no matter how she feels each day. She works harder when she feels down, so that “I defeat the Wimpy Bug inside me”. At the age of 102! It was funny that she looked back and described herself in her 80s as a punk. She has a good sense of humor and charm to attract others. It seems like it requires tremendous mental strength and self-knowledge for aging well. Now that I think It’s really all about being a good Jedi. Life is Jedi training, and it continues until the last day.

I found a youtube video showing how she's like.


Finally, I would like to introduce you to this beautiful album by Argentinian lutenist, Evangelina Mascardi. I don't like to write about arts and music. Just try if you are curious. I think it's my first time listening to music with lute, and I find it so…mystical and meditative. It helped me breath deeper in difficult times.

Weather is warming up here in Tokyo, and I plan to make more time for outdoor activities. Hopefully I can include some pictures from that along with my art progress and inspirations. Until then, have a great March!


P.S. Please consider donating for earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria. They need support for awhile until they can get back to normal life. You can do so through local organizations or the Center for Disaster Philanthropy.

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