Newsletter April 2023

¡Hola, todos!

Well..My March was a sport. How was yours?

I have a feeling April would even be more eventful, but let’s focus on the present moment and enjoy each new day :-)

I finished the piece, Doggy Mandala. I took too much time coming up with the color theme. Partially because it was fun, but basically I made this with so much detail. It was meditative for me get lost in the doggy world though.

You know what I’m thinking to do next? Of course, cats! If you did dogs, you gotta do cats. Cats have a totally different energy, don’t they? I think I am more like a cat person.

It's pretty festive this time of the year in Japan with pretty cherry blossos. Tourists are everywhere from all over the world. It's really surreal to see that many people again on the street under falling petals in the air. Here are some of the pictures of blossoms from my relatively quiet neighborhood. 

Tokyo cherry blossom

Tokyo cherry blossom

 I hope you are having lovely spring!  See you next time.


P.S.  I am slowly reading the book, Momo by Michael Ende.  His other work is the famous, Never Ending Story.  I highly recommend Momo for adults who need good distractions from all the things happening on this planet:-) 

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Thank you, Mija, for taking the time to update us. I love the connection.


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