I have just finished a couple of lessons on Skillshare.  It was pretty stressful. Have you ever tried to book an airplane ticket at work?  You must book the best deal right there at that moment and you have to look like you are trying to finish some tasks your boss assigned the day before.  Trying to learn something during a baby’s nap time is like that.  I only have at most 30 minutes of free time during a day.  That could be using for cleaning, doing dishes, preparing dinner, paying bills, making phone calls, and endless other chores around the house. OR I can always drop all those things off and work on my own projects. RIGHT?

Today was one of those days.

Those 30 minutes or so were used to enhance my skills so that I will be able to finally start designing surface patterns.  Today is an inspirational day. Today is a miracle! Just to be able to boot up this old ass MacBook Pro without waking up my baby was a miracle. Even more, I finished a couple of courses about using Adobe Illustrator. And look! I am writing a post now! I did something for my own goals today.  I will sleep better tonight.