I have a thing for doors. Doors, gates, windows… I don’t know why, but I love checking out doors and windows of someone else’s houses, especially Spanish style houses, and imagining the world inside the buildings. (I have a board for doors on Pinterest.) Santa Barbara and Ventura were particularly good place for me to wonder and stare. I must have looked very suspicious:-). It is very therapeutic and creative time.  It’s been awhile since I did that last time.

I am planning on moving soon.  Moving with a baby seems like a crazy person’s thing to do.  On top of daily madness from a baby and homeschooling, I am trying to move?!  It’s even more crazy that I try to carve out time for drawing, learning more on Adobe illustrator, watching webinars, listening to podcasts…NOW!  I am always tired, but I cannot just relax and do nothing whenever I get some quick free time. In fact, I am writing a blog post at this moment.  It’s my thing. It’s from my mother. It’s genetic, and I cannot do much to my genetic problem. I did this little illustration in the middle of the night one weekend feeling so frustrated that I was not pushing myself to make time for drawing.

Back to the story of doors.  I think the reason I love checking out doors is the mood I create for myself from doing that. Inspirations I get from colors and shapes of them set me into a certain mood.  It’s close to tea ceremony or zen practice.  It calms me down letting my mind wonders into the world of imaginary home. What’s inside the door?  Who am I going to see? What does it smell like?

Well well…time is up! I need to be Lightning McQueen and race with Mator now. 🏁