Learning to learn. 

I decided to homeschool my soon to be 4 years old son until next year when our family will be settling into a new neighborhood with a new baby.

So, homeschooling. Hmm….:-) I haven’t been doing anything flashy like what I found on Pinterest.  Our lessons start from my son’s curiosity, and slowly bit by bit introduce something new. My husband and I read many books to him.  We’ve been doing that since he was a little baby, so it was easy for him to start developing curiosity for reading and writing.

My husband, Bart is an educator. That doesn’t change the fact that I suck at teaching.  In the beginning, I overwhelmed  myself from going through education related pins on Pinterest.  Those shockingly bright colors some mom/ex-teachers use on their websites didn’t really help me comprehend what I was seeing on the screen. Plus, I was shocked to learn that so many academic skills are expected from 4-5 year old children. 

Well, I could read and write by age 3.  I started going to school at the age of 3. Growing up in booming  Japan, I even went to preparatory school for getting into a popular private preschool/kinder. They taught me math theory and how to take tests, but I don’t think that such early academic training did any good for me as a child.  I know the negative effects of years of such authoritarian, drill-and-kill academic training.  

I am planning to do something based on my son’s meandering curiosity. So far, he keeps surprising me with his amazing creativity and independent spirit. 

Bart briefly introduced me to the concept of inquiry-base learning and Reggio Emilia approach, and I really like them.  I like the idea that teachers just assist kids to flourish through their curiosity and learn how to pursue their own learning goals.  I guess my job as a mother now is to help my son to be a happy person.  I would like him to learn about himself, others, and this world.  I would like to help him learn how to find his own happiness.  Isn’t that the ultimate goal for all of us anyway? How to find happiness in life. 🌻

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