From Apple Land: New item on Society 6

It’s been over a year since I uploaded a new item to my store on Society6.  There have been some changes on the site while I was away, and they added more products for me to create and sell like duvet cover, wall tapestries and even shower curtains!:-)

I kind of enjoy seeing my images being transformed into a variety of products, but my goal is to be able to sell prints myself.  I would like to someday own a professional quality printer and sell my prints along with originals online.  What I don’t like about using Society6 is that I would have no idea who are those lovely people purchased my art.  It is a convenient service for artists to present and sell their artwork without owning expensive printing  equipment, but I’d like to be able to thank my online customers as personally as possible.

Until then, please check out my art on my Society6 store.  You will find many talented artists there, and it would be fun just to browse through the site. 

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