Morning sickness and tow trucks. 

Spring has arrived and my once-settled morning sickness is back. At the same time, my son started drawing tow trucks a lot. A lot!  The pic above is from the day 2 of his drawing marathon.  We ran out of pages on MY sketchbook and any other available papers. So he drew on a box.

He asked me to draw a tow truck, so I did. He does not like the pink windows I drew, so he revised.   And added frills on the tires. This is worse than my art teacher did to me in high school 🙂 I told him he needs to respect my preference, but he never wanted to give up the blue windows. Only blue. No exceptions.   He finally agreed on me drawing PINK truck with blue windows next time.  I thought it was a compromise, a good deal.  Now that I think though, it wasn’t at all:-)  Well..well…as long as kids are happy, right?  At least my sketchbook is now filled with awesome art.



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