This is a piece I made last year. I didn’t like it when I finished it.  I have some…actually many pieces like this. They are kept in my drawer and never been seen by anyone.  Taking my husband’s advice, I decided to just share anything I make and see how it goes on social media world.   So far, I am enjoying the reactions of people every time I post my stuff on Instagram.  I’m never satisfied with what I drew.  They never look anything close to what I was picturing in my head.  Maybe it’s because of my lack of skills.  Most of the time I get frustrated from the results, and that somehow motivates me to make more. From going through my old sketchbooks though, old stuffs aren’t so bad.  Some of them surprised me and make me wonder what I was thinking about.  My time has been limited.  And it will be for a long time.  So why don’t I share both good and bad and enjoy likes and dislikes of audience out there?   See…I like that I am getting more and more free as I age:-)