Thank you, California.

I had a month long vacation in California. It had been 4 years since I left the land of sunshine.  It was a perfect timing to reflect about the last 4 years, and the gorgeous weather made it easy to do that.  One of my dreams was to show my son Monterey Bay Aquarium and Big Sur.  It came true, and it was perfect. 

I had been feeling that something has to be done before I took this trip.  Time to shift some more energy toward myself instead of using 100% of that toward my son.  My main focus of life right now are my son, my art, and exercises.   It is still a challenge to figure out how to use my time for all the things I would like to achieve, but my attitude toward the challenge has been transformed to be more positive after the trip.  The big sky and ocean always help me feel better.  Now back to busy crowded Tokyo, I am excited to tackle with my challenges. 

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