This piece is almost finished. Finally! I have been working on this since last year. And guess what! I don’t like this piece!  I didn’t like it anymore once I finished the first half of it, and it has been a painful process to tackle with my frustration with my skills and impatient personality.

Hey, but I am a mother now, and I should show a good example for my son.  I will finish it and think about how to continue developing this theme.  My inspiration is coming from living, again, in this neighborhood where I grew up.  Compared to my life in beautiful scenic California, this town looked so gray and dull when I came back.  I desperately tried to find beauty in this urban bed town, and all I got were the flowers and the colors some neighbors are displaying on their doorsteps.

Tokyo’s famous street garden.

I think my idea is good, but I am having a hard time drawing what is in my imagination.  I am excited to keep working on this concept and how I can come up with better versions of it.