It was The Snowman

There was no progress on my drawing last week.  The entire family was attacked by a nasty stomach flu last weekend, and we went through some painful phases..   Strangely, I was the most affected one.  It took me longer to recover.  Another strange thing is that this flu and its pain left me with some sort of shock. A good shock that is strong enough to change my perspective for myself and life.  It is probably very silly to try to explain this, and I do feel silly about it.  All I can say is that I feel better now and motivated and engaged.  I encountered The Snowman video during this very obscure phase and felt I was brought back to where I was. Where I got lost.  Watching this made me feel that now I am back and starting something once again.  Flu does something good sometimes?
I am ready to have cozy relaxing holidays!

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