Still have a long way to go.  I already do not like what I drew and colors I chose.  This always happens to me.  Does that happen to you too?  This time, though, I would like to complete it and see what I can come up with from it.   I am so serious.

I got inspirations from the world famous Tokyo’s street gardens.  Many people decorate their sidewalks with plants and flowers year round.   I tried to look for some natural beauties in this dull residential area in Tokyo, and only thing I could find was colorful flowers somebody put in front of their houses.  Some people are such serious gardeners. They replace flowers every few months, so their planters are always fresh and colorful.  I didn’t really pay attention to those flowers when I was a kid, but now I really appreciate those strangers’ gardens very much.  ‘Flower’ was one of the first words my son learned to say!